Last updated: 07/02/2020

 Here is the list of "skeds" I have available to send to you.  Just ask; they're yours.Hey friends, this stuff is just a side show that I pick up when I see them at the check out counter.  They are just to send to YOU!!  I am not really a collector of these, so if you see something here you might want, just ask; it's yours!  I will always accept just a thanks in return, but if you happen to have a hit to my wants, that would be nice, or if you would be willing to give up any Detroit skeds; the Red Wings, Tigers, Lions or Pistons, or any Michigan Wolverines, or West Michigan White Caps, Grand Rapids Griffins, to return, those too, would be sweet!

Special thanks to Jay McCarthy, Jim Goodreid, Kirby Shofner, Mark Talbot, Melissa Salisbury and Mary Drysdale, and everyone else I have neglected to mention over the years.   ... ...and there are a lot of you.    <sigh>

AVAILABLE to GIVE AWAY:   ...just ask!

BASEBALL:  (Yours for the asking, so ask away!)
1994:  Los Angeles Dodgers
1995:  Los Angeles Dodgers
1996:  Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers
1997:  Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants
Unknown Season - Los Angeles Dodgers, possible 1998 or 1999 (left handed batter # 15 on cover)
1998:  San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners
1999:  Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies
2000:  California Angels, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers
             San Francisco Giants
2001:   Los Angeles Dodgers
2003:  Colorado Rockies
2005:  Colorado Rockies
2006:  Chicago Cubs (Cubs Mastercard Edition), Chicago Cubs (Navy Pier edition), Detroit Tigers,
            Milwaukee Brewers (spring training edition), San Francisco Giants

1981:  Minnesota Vikings & Gophers
1991:  Minnesota Vikings
1995:  NFL Schedule (Steve Young)
1998:  San Diego Chargers
1999:  New Orleans Saints
2000:  Minnesota Vikings
2003:  Denver Broncos, NFL Schedule (Coors Light)
2005:  Denver Broncos (Barrel Man), Denver Broncos (Rod Smith)
2006:  Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers

1976-77:  Portland Trailblazers
1997-98:  Clippers
2000-01:  Utah Jazz
2003-04:  Denver Nuggets
2005-06:  Denver Nuggets

1993-94:  Anaheim Mighty Ducks - (Inaugural Season)
1998-99:  Anaheim Mighty Ducks
2002-03:  San Jose Sharks
2003-04:  Colorado Avalanche

Minor League Baseball:
1994:  Colorado Sky Sox
1995:  Colorado Sky Sox, Visalia Oaks
1996:  Colorado Sky Sox
1997:  Bakersfield Blaze, Las Vegas Stars, San Jose Giants
1998:  Albuquerque Dukes, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes
1999:  Visalia Oaks
2000:  Lake Elsinore Storm, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, San Bernardino Stampede, Visalia Oaks
2002:  San Jose Giants
2005:  Ogden Raptors
2006:  Salt Lake Bees

1981:  Minnesota Golden Gophers & Minnesota Vikings football

1995:  Air Force Falcons football

1996:  Air Force Falcons football, Fresno State football

1997:   USC Trojans

1998:   UCLA Bruins football, USC Trojans football
98-99:  University of Colorado Buffalo's basketball
2000:   Fresno State football, Fresno State Men's soccer, Fresno State volleyball, USC football
00-01:  Fresno State Men's basketball,
2002:   Colorado State Rams football
03-04:  University of Colorado Buffalo's basketball, University of Houston Lady Cougars basketball
2006:   Solano Thunderbirds baseball, Texas Aggie football, Texas Tech softball, Texas Tech Track & Field,
2006:   Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox baseball

2006 Nextel Cup (Jason Leffler)   - I BEG you to take this off my hands!!!

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