Here is the list of "skeds" I have available to send to you.  Just ask; they're yours.Hey friends, this stuff is just a side show that I pick up when I see them at the check out counter.  They are just to send to YOU!!  I am not really a collector of these, so if you see something here you might want, just ask; it's yours!  I will always accept just a thanks in return, but if you happen to have a hit to my wants, that would be nice. 

Special thanks to:  Dan McMurrer  Jay McCarthy   Jim Goodreid   Kirby Shofner   Mark Talbot,  Melissa Salisbury  Mary Drysdale, and everyone else I have neglected to mention over the years.   ... ...and there are a lot of you.  ...sorry...    <sigh>

Sked wants

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - my moves to the southeast have left me in disarray.  I haven't updated these in a while.

...just ask!
    (last updated 07/2020)

BASEBALL:  (Yours for the asking, so ask away!)
1994:  Los Angeles Dodgers
1995:  Los Angeles Dodgers
1996:  Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers
1997:  Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants
Unknown Season - Los Angeles Dodgers, possible 1998 or 1999 (left handed batter # 15 on cover)
1998:  San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners
1999:  Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies
2000:  California Angels, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers
             San Francisco Giants
2001:   Los Angeles Dodgers
2003:  Colorado Rockies
2005:  Colorado Rockies
2006:  Chicago Cubs (Cubs Mastercard Edition), Chicago Cubs (Navy Pier edition), Detroit Tigers,
            Milwaukee Brewers (spring training edition), San Francisco Giants

1981:  Minnesota Gophers
1995:  NFL Schedule (Steve Young)
1998:  San Diego Chargers
1999:  New Orleans Saints
2000:  Minnesota Vikings
2003:  Denver Broncos, NFL Schedule (Coors Light)
2005:  Denver Broncos (Barrel Man), Denver Broncos (Rod Smith)
2006:  Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers

1976-77:  Portland Trailblazers
1997-98:  Clippers
2000-01:  Utah Jazz
2003-04:  Denver Nuggets
2005-06:  Denver Nuggets

1993-94:  Anaheim Mighty Ducks - (Inaugural Season)
1998-99:  Anaheim Mighty Ducks
2002-03:  San Jose Sharks
2003-04:  Colorado Avalanche

Minor League Baseball:
1994:  Colorado Sky Sox
1995:  Colorado Sky Sox, Visalia Oaks
1996:  Colorado Sky Sox
1997:  Bakersfield Blaze, Las Vegas Stars, San Jose Giants
1998:  Albuquerque Dukes, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes
1999:  Visalia Oaks
2000:  Lake Elsinore Storm, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, San Bernardino Stampede, Visalia Oaks
2002:  San Jose Giants
2005:  Ogden Raptors
2006:  Salt Lake Bees

1981:  Minnesota Golden Gophers & Minnesota Vikings football

1995:  Air Force Falcons football

1996:  Air Force Falcons football, Fresno State football

1997:   USC Trojans
1998:   UCLA Bruins football, USC Trojans football
98-99  University of Colorado Buffalo's basketball
2000:   Fresno State football, Fresno State Men's soccer, Fresno State volleyball, USC football

00-01:  Fresno State Men's basketball,
2002:   Colorado State Rams football
03-04:  University of Colorado Buffalo's basketball, University of Houston Lady Cougars basketball
2006:   Solano Thunderbirds baseball, Texas Aggie football, Texas Tech softball, Texas Tech Track & Field,
2006:   Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox baseball

2006 Nextel Cup (Jason Leffler)   - I BEG you to take this off my hands!!!

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