a.) I will accept ANY card in ANY condition in these sets. 
b.) **    Upgrade!  I already have the card, likely want a better picture and better centering.  Check with me.

???  'a' and 'b' are oxymorons, yes?

All of these are WANTS !!!

1970 Topps baseball:
Last updated: 12/08/2023
189 (Munson)    449 (Palmer)**  459 461 462 464 (Bench AS)**  549 563 588** 593 595 608 621 622 630(Banks) 636 640 641** 645 649** 652 654 656 657 670 671 675** 676 678**  682 688 689 690 692 693 695 696 698 702 712 (Ryan)  713 (Seattle team card) 

VERY special thanks to:  Greg Henthorn    Mark Talbot.   Kevin Wolf,   Bob Donaldson,
Kyle Dworchak
  Carlos Alcazar x 2   John Cornell   Kent Goto  Gersh  Lynn Miller   Russell McBride   Ted Clayton
Bob Brown   Steve Chan   Shawn Adkins   Mark Talbot (again!)   Bob Bard   Ken Brown   John Leroux   Michael Key
Mark Manary   Joe Dalton   Bill Camarda   Kris Norville   Eric Hanson  &  Mike Fry.  You guys ROCK!!!  Thanks!

1971 Topps baseball:
  Last updated: 12/28//2023  **upgrade (trust me, I have NO idea what I'm doing)
 544  563**   573  592  603**  613 624 630 (Clemente)  644 646 651** 653 658 662 664 666 669 688 700** 709 (Rookie Stars)  714 715 722** 723 724 725** 731 733** 735

Thanks to:   Steve Hitzeman   Randy Griffin   Mark Camps   Chris Kodl   Robert Musgrove   Bob D'Angelo   Kent Goto  Mike Rich   Mark Talbot   Bill Gurtler  Ted Clayton  Bob Brown x 2 
Steve Manson  Randy Wilberg  Frank Schill  
Bob Bard
  Joe Gelgot   James Connelly.

1972 Topps baseball:
  Last updated: 12/02/2023
595(Ryan)   651   669   682  685 689 690 691**  692 698(Koosman IA)  704  708 726 728 730 731 732 734  751**(Carlton)  754**(F. Robinson)  756(Wise)

Special thanks to:    Kent Goto    Mike Rich    James Keenum    Kyle Dworchak   Jedi Bill Gurtler x 2    Derek Buie,
Mark Talbot
   Mike Kelemen    Mike Fry    Bob Brown   
Bob Bard    John Leroux    Art Martineau    Scott Brown. and last but not least,  Jody Frei

1973 Topps baseball:  Last updated: 12/07/2023    ANY Condition!!! 

193(Fisk)   220(Ryan) 
305(Mays)    380(Bench)  400(G Perry)   450(Torre)   472(Gehrig)    474(Ruth)   530(Kaat)  545(Cepeda)  549(Rangers coaches)  554 556 557 563 565 573 575 576 585 588 595 596  600(McNally)  605 606 610 612 613 614  615(Schmidt)  616 617 619 624 634 639 641(Reds) 644 650 652 655 657 

Sweet stuff.  Everyone, thank you SO much. ..and 'everyone' includes:  Joe Denning (again)   Kyle Dworchak (again)  
Steve Archibald    Greg Henthorn  (Greg loves it here.  Thank you again, Greg.)  Mark Camps (multiple times) 
Dan Williams (multiple times)   Mark Camps x3   Mike Rich (again)   Chris Kodl   Randy Krolewicz  Ed Pike  
James Moleta
    Tom Elliott   
Cooter (visit Eddie here)   Bob Donaldson   Mike Rich  Mark Talbot  x 3   Yaz    
Tom Biggs   Kevin Wolf   Kyle Dworchak   Neal Thomas   
Kent Goto, (Kent sent a welcome back package that is nothing less than STUNNING!  I was so shocked and actually shaking.  I couldn't even count.  Totally amazing; I will be forever in debt.  Thank you again and again Kent !!!)
No less appreciated are the hits from: 
Mark Holland    James Keenum   Joe Stout   Don Berg    Brian Lindholme  Richard Labs   Randy Griffin   Steve Hitzeman   John Cornell   Richard Niessen   Aaron Shirley x 2, Anthony Arbeeny   John Stamper   Joe Dalton   Nick Covello   Lynn Miller &  Bill Ashton. 

**** uh oh, I have over three "back pocket" cards from this '73, "stick figure" set.  ...does that mean I am now collecting an entire, complete, back pocket set ???   ...it's a perfect set to do it with; I never liked those silly "stick figures" anyway.  ...dunno why Topps couldn't have just added a close up or a mug shot instead... ...

   I guess my 'back pocket'  condition is also called a "Beater."   ... I definitely remember carrying several of my favorite cards around in my back pocket of my jeans so I would have them handy to show to friends.  I was creating beaters.  My favorites were in one pocket; the cards I wanted to trade or flip away were in the other.  The only time they left my 'cheeks' was when Mom grabbed the jeans and tossed them into the laundry.  The cards stayed in the pockets.  Try doing that with today's plastic coated, UV, sunglasses cards.  They would probably just MELT, and certainly could never stand up to that abuse.
    Thanks for reading and letting me vent.  Now, let's get back to the cardboard !!

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