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Hi, thanks for looking. 
There are a lot of names throughout my wants.  I want to thank everyone I have listed.  I am sorry for the friends I have met and forgot to include here, some of those friendships pre-date my computer web design skills. 

I want to thank everyone who responded to and or attended the RMCCC event we had in Colorado.  (Rocky Mountain Card Collectors Convergence, for those who missed it.)  I believe we could have a dozen more events like that and never see a cold, wet, all day drizzling rain like we had on that day.  That kind of weather is just not common in Denver.  Nevertheless, it was certainly fun meeting everyone that day.  Does anyone have any pictures to share?

A lot of the names I have listed here have links attached to them.  Please, hover your mouse over the names that have links and visit the pages of some really AWESOME FRIENDS that I have had experiences with through cards.  They are very special people.

My thoughts are with those listed who are no longer with us.  Their spirit of collecting and sharing cards will live on in my heart, eternally. 

Again, I am sorry for everyone I have forgotten to list here.  I am very scattered and my mind gets even more cluttered. 
I don't have a lot of vintage duplicates, but if you need any early 1990's,  I do have a lot of that junk.  ( Yeah, yeah, I know.  ... please don't be offended if I use a few of that UV stuff to fill out a business envelope sized three sleeve...I see no sense in sending one half empty.  PLEASE let me know if any of my envelopes arrive postage due.  I'm sorry; that sincerely annoys me if I can't get it right.)

Feel free to write to me at:    The phone works too, most of the time when I remember to charge it. 

THANKS for looking !!!!!

...each page, or set, should have a last updated date.  If... I remembered...

Please visit my friends:  OBC (Old Baseball Cards)
                                               ...  VCT (Vintage Card Traders)
                                                     ...  TB (Trading Bases) 

** WARNING:  a few of the links below could require sunglasses
These are a few of my favorite places:
  - - - favorite Baseball team
   - - - favorite Hockey team
    - - - favorite Ski resort
     - - - greatest Snow on Earth
      - - - I like these gentlemen as well
       - - - Here are a few  Data Base  pages I use to help me find cards. 

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