9/12/2022  Hi, thanks for looking.  I have really tried to get back into the hobby, but I've had a few medical set backs throwing pipe wrenches at my head.  Yeah, yeah, I know, excuses, excuses.

Also, after eye surgery, trying to see better, I also messed up my computer.  I know have the contrast set to gray, on gray.  If anyone knows anything about Win 10 display color and contrast, please, give me a call.  I would sincerely appreciate it !!!

Now, on to the CARDS!!!  Welcome to my want list pages.  I don't have a lot of vintage duplicates, but if you need any early 1990's,  I do have a lot.  ( Yeah, yeah, I know, "Yeah, right, that's what everyone has..." )

Feel free to write to me at:  I know there are a LOT of broken links on these pages.  If you find a broken link, please, let me know, and if you have any updated information on any of the broken links (Collectors I once had linked.) please, just drop me a line.  Thanks !!!

PLEASE NOTE:  I am a set collector.  All of my cards are organized by set.  Brand, year, one to whatever.  If you are looking for a specific player or certain "star" cards, I will need the brand, the year, and the card number to be able to look for it.  Sorry.

THANKS for looking !!!!!

...each page, or set, will (Should?) have a last updated date.

Please visit my friends:  OBC (Old Baseball Cards)
                                               ...  VCT (Vintage Card Traders)
                                                     ...  TB (Trading Bases) 

Here are some of my favorite places:
  - - - favorite Baseball team
   - - - favorite Hockey team
    - - - favorite Ski resort
     - - - greatest Snow on Earth
      - - - I like these gentlemen as well
       - - - Here are a few  Data Base  pages I use to help me find cards. 


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