1991 Leaf baseball:  Only TWO from the base set left !!!
Regular issue:   329 510

Thanks to Guy Sanscartier, Owen Sterner, Wayne Graves, Frank Schill, Mike Kelemen, Bill Gurtler and Dale Gann !!!

1992 Leaf baseball Black Gold parallel: (updated 07/20/2023)
99**  104  166**  349 392 404 412 432 493**  506**  526**  528**
** Condition sensitive.  Please, just let me know if you notice any flaws before you send.  I prefer no chipped gold borders on back, no major white showing on the black fronts, and no gold trim missing.  THANKS !!!  (I'm so sorry, I hate to be a snob but I already have the cards that are marked with the double asterisk, (**) and I am only looking to upgrade.   Thanks.)

$$$ - I have a few duplicates; send me your wants.

Very special thanks to Curtis Trevathan who has now hit for the cycle, having BLASTED this set at least x 4.  Additional thanks to Jeff Grzibowski, Owen Sterner, Anthony Coker, Mike Kelemen, Jerry Robertson, Kevin Martens, Anne Lindsley, Jimi Thayer, James Dick, Scott Nicholas, Frank Schill, Nick Covello and June Maxwell.

1993 Leaf  baseball Gold Rookies: 

Gold Leaf Rookies:   15 17
 "    "     "     "    " :   duplicates available to trade:  2  3  7

Thanks to Taylor Schock, Jeff Grzibowski, Jim Thayer, June Maxwell, Al Smith, James Connelly and Lindross Hater.

Hey Friends, I have a bunch of the 1993 Leaf base set available to trade.  Send me your wants, or at least, let me send you a nice starter set.  ...just for asking....7


COMPLETED SETS:  Very special thanks to EVERYONE who helped me !!!!!

1991 Leaf Gold Rookies:  COMPLETE !!!  Last, two card, "walk off" set kill by David Jackson.  Thanks, David !!!

1991 Topps baseball:  (updated 07/23/2023
Special thanks to:  Andrew Goguen   Stanley Miller   Brian Walker  &  Bo Rosny!
 ... ... more to come, perhaps ... ...
Yikes.  If no gremlins stole any cards from this set, Andrew has put it to bed  Woo hoo!  THANKS Andrew!!
                                     ( I don't think I have looked at this set since I left Colorado...)

1992 Leaf baseball:  COMPLETE !!!  (updated 07/24/2023)
Thanks to Bob Brown, Kevin Martens, Pete Pianelli, Colin Mercer & Nick Covello !!!  
Last hit and special thanks to Stu Gash !!!
  ***  I have TONS of this.  A 5000 count monster box jammed so full all four sides are collapsing outward and another hundred or so cards piled on top.  Plenty of the regular issue available to GIFT away!!!!!    Please, just let me know.  I need to lighten up the load.  Literally.  The box is so heavy that I am no longer able to lift and move it.  PLEASE HELP ME; claim a brick or two!!  Thank you. 

1992 Pinnacle baseball:  Complete!  
Final hit by Guy Sanscartier.

1992 Score baseball:  (COMPLETE !!!) VERY special thanks to Garrett Cull who provided me with the last hit!
Also, special thanks to Alex Rossi who POUNDED my want list, Ken Ortolon, Eric Andrews, Larry Luginsky,
Howard Goodman and Chris Ford, all who helped me complete the set!!!  AWESOME, baby!

1992 Stadium Club baseball:   -   Very special thanks to Jack Dworetzky.
COMPLETE !!!    Last hit by Anthony Arbeeny.

1992 Upper Deck baseball: -   (Thanks to Gary Cameron & Jeff Jewell - this set is now COMPLETE!!!!)

1994 Bowman:   -  -  -  SPECIAL thanks to John Parish who hit my 1994 Bowman wants so hard I think I'll still be dizzy in 2094!.  Also, a VERY special thanks to Don Tripp; VERY special person!!!  Additional thanks to Jimi Thayer, Frank Schill, June Maxwell, Ann Lindsley, Rick Sawyer, Colin Mercer & Pete Azevedo!!!

1994 Score baseball:  (A very special thank you goes out to Paul Bazinet and Sami!!!)

1999 Topps baseball:  COMPLETE!!!  Special thanks to Kirby Shofner and John Stamper for the set kills.
Additional thanks to Bill Ashton, Aaron Shirley, Dale Gann, Carl Kogut, June Maxwell, Michael Key,
Mark Zimmerman, Mike Fry, Dave Corliss, Bee Beecroft, Erik Cagle, Jason Miller and Rick Sawyer!

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